Welcome to my Gluten-Free Blog!

Hey everyone my is Kimberly! Welcome to my website.

Born in Georgia but raised in Florida (College Park Area). Growing up I was raised in southern ways. My mother and grandmother cooked huge southern meals daily. I remember watching them and learning how to cook with no recipe cards involved. Most people who I grew up with would always love having a sleep over because, they knew they would receive southern homemade meals. The famous favorite meal was her southern homemade fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans, mac and cheese. Usually biscuits to go along. And if you were lucky and if Grandma was visiting she would take the left over biscuits and make homemade bread pudding with chocolate drizzle! So needless to say you would never go hungry while in my home. Occasionally I would get ill after eating. Just never thought much of it. Mostly just thought of dairy overload because,  I couldn’t do dairy.

As time went on into adulthood finally moved out of the college park area, a whole whooping town over! LOL all the way to Winter Park. As I got older I started to have more digestive issues then normal and no clue what was going on. So I started eliminating all dairy to see if that was the issue. Although it helped, it still didn’t fix it. I went to several doctors and they could never pin point what the issue was. They assumed its just a stomach bug or some nasty virus going around since I was a teacher. As time went on things seemed to get worse.

About five years ago I started having more symptoms. For example feeling sick to my stomach within an hour after eating, fatigue, headaches, bloating, skin irritations and irritability. Then the stabbing gas pain started that was unbearable. It was to the point I would curl up into a ball. Finally I had enough and went to new doctor and he tested me for gluten. Sure enough I tested positive. That day I felt so lost and confused. I had no clue honestly what gluten was and what it was in. I asked what the cure or treatment was. And the response was not what I expected! “Well there isn’t a cure. The best way to treat celiac is to avoid all gluten from this point on. My advice is to eat gluten free from this point on.”.  I remember the daily clearly. I went home and threw everything away!

Yes, it was a huge lifestyle change for me personally. I grew up on southern home cooked meals my whole life. So it was a shock at first. This was huge learning experience. Once I did my research  life became so much easier.

I am creating this blog to share all my gluten free experiences and adventures I have. I know how lost, frustrating and overwhelming it can be. Just know you are not alone and stay positive! In my blog I will try to include as many pictures, recipes, reviews, and descriptions. Just keep in mind all my posts are my personal experiences, reviews and opinions. I will also have link to all of my social media accounts that you can visit. I truly hope you all enjoy!

Gluten Free Kimberly