Better Bean Co

Better Bean Co sponsored three products of my choice to try out recently. Of course I love beans so, I figured I’d give it a try. I choose the Uncanny Refried Black Beans, Cuban Black Beans and Skillet Refried Red Beans. All three we tried were amazing! The taste and flavor were perfect! Also they do have eight different choices. I do plan on trying the other flavors in the future. If you are looking for flavorful beans and easy to cook these are perfect! Most of all they are precooked so, you just have to do is reheat them! You can use them as a dip, tacos, by themselves and much more. The beans can be found in the fridge aisle at whole foods. They come in a BPA free plastic container which is recyclable and reusable.The Better Bean products are gmo, gluten, soy and nut free. The beans are Vegan. They are much easier to digest which is always a plus. If you look at their website you will find a full break down of info. In conclusion I highly recommend Better Bean Co products.


Thank you Better Bean Co for letting me try out your products!!!


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