Dessert Essence Gluten Free Dental Care

Dessert Essence Gluten Free Dental Care

Dessert Essence Gluten Free Dental Care has been my favorite brand. I have used Dessert Essence toothpaste and mouth wash for about five years now. Several years ago I had a lot of work done on my teeth. Of course with my old eating habits, gluten issues and using the products I used my teeth needed some TLC. After having those procedures done and not being a fan of the dentist, I looked for ways to prevent issues with my teeth as much as possible.

At first I started with the elimination of gluten which made a difference. Of course at that time I eliminated a lot of bad sugary foods so of course it made a difference. Next I searched all over for a good tooth paste. In which I tried a few other “natural” toothpastes but was not pleased. Finally I came across Dessert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste. I have been in love with every since I started using it. Lastly I have eliminated sugar and caffeine drinks. With the eliminating sugary foods and drinks, also using a natural toothpaste that is gluten free my teeth have been healthier then ever!

 Dessert Essence Natural Toothpastes are gluten, fluoride and sls free!  They are also vegan!  My personal favorite is the Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste with Mint Flavor. I have tried other toothpaste from dessert essence which aren’t bad. I just prefer that specific one.

In conclusion I would highly recommend trying Dessert Essence Dental Care products. I have used them for years and don’t have anything bad to say about them! Click the link below to purchase and/or browse their dental care products.

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