Ener-g Brand Foods

Ener-g Brand Foods

First all Thank You Ener-g Brand for sending me this box of love! Amazed to open this box to see the variety of food I received. And of course I was excited to try them all out! Ener-g has been a family owned business since 1962. Ener-g has a variety of Gluten Free products. Based on the products I tried from Ener-g were gluten, casein, wheat, dairy, soy and nut free.

Let me start by telling you about the pretzels. The Pretzels were quite tasty! Good taste and texture. I would defiently eat them again and would recommend them to anyone wanting great gluten free pretzels.

Now let’s talk about the Cinnamon Crackers! The Cinnamon Crackers were amazing!!! They honestly tasted like Cinnamon Toast Crunch! I crushed them and poured coconut milk in a bowl. It was amazing! Great taste and sweet tooth treat.

Next I tried out the pound cake! The pound cake honestly reminded me of my grandmothers homemade gluten filled pound cake. It tasted great! Perfect treat to have with coffee. Lastly I tried out the bread they sent me. Of course my track record trying gluten free bread has been interesting. I figured hey why not try it out and hope for the best. The Ener-g bread tasted like old fashioned white bread. But it was a good thing. The texture and taste were good. And the best of all it didn’t fall apart!

All in all I would highly recommend you checking out Ener-g brand gluten free products. I’ve seen Ener-g brand in Chamberlin’s and they have a website. Ener-g sent me these products to try out. They did not pay to review it perfect. The review is my honestly opinion based on my experience.


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