My Top Three Gluten Free Breads

My Top Three Gluten Free Breads

Gluten free bread options are growing! So you wonder what bread is the best tasting… Well I recently tried my top three brands to compare the different tastes and textures. I made the exact same sandwiches with White Sandwich Bread on all three breads to get a true review. Before we get started I want to thank Ener-g, Udis and Glutino for providing the bread for this blog.

Udi’s Gluten Free Bread

First we will start with Udis bread. I have to admit this was one of the first brands I tried when going gluten free. I enjoyed it. The bread of course seemed like it wanted to fall apart unless you toasted it. Over all the taste was good and it worked. As far as allergies go Udi’s is dairy, soy, nut and gluten free. Over time I’ve realized when going out to eat Udi’s is the brand offered the most. Also Udis offers a variety of other gluten free products. I have found Udi’s in Costco, Publix and Whole Foods. I would recommend Udi’s bread, but you may want to toast it first.

Glutino Gluten Free Bread

Next we tried the Glutino brand bread. I will say the Glutino bread didn’t seem as if it would fall apart. The texture seemed more like white bread to me. The flavor was good and the sandwich didn’t fall apart. As far as allergies go glutino bread is gluten, dairy and casein free.I haven’t seen Glutino Bread in stores other then Whole Foods. It may be because of my location or the demand. But the glutino bread is good tasting and I would recommend you trying it.

Ener-g Gluten Free Bread

Lastly we tried Ener-g brand. The Ener-g bread has become my favorite bread. Personally I feel like it is the closest thing to real white bread. The texture and taste are great! The bread even feels like white bread and doesn’t seem to fall apart! As far as allergies go Ener-g bread is gluten, wheat, casein, dairy, soy and nut free. Ener-g does offer gluten and egg free breads also. You can find it in Whole Foods and Chamberlin’s. I would highly recommend you give Ener-g Brand a try. They have a variety of options. The thing I love about Ener-g is that they are a family owned business and have been since 1962.

In conclusion these are my top three gluten free breads. If your new to the gluten free world I recommend you trying them. Everyones taste buds are different. I’ve tried so many different brands over the past five years. And yes I’ve tried some that crumble to pieces and taste like cardboard. You just have to explore because its the only way you will know what you like. I feel like every year companies improve the gluten free options. Having celiac doesn’t have to suck! You get to explore with food which can be fun and interesting. I always say you don’t know if it’s good until you try it! So go out and explore!



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