Perfect Bar

Perfect Bar

Perfect Bar is just as it’s named, it’s perfect in every way. It’s a personal favorite of mine now. I’m always cautious about trying new bars because of what companies put in them and where they are processed. But these bars are pure! Thanks to Perfect Bar I was able to go to whole foods and pick out my own four flavors to try out.

All flavors were very rich in flavor. They were fresh, literally out of the fridge. The bars are very filling too. If your looking for a perfect bar with fresh flavor I would highly recommend you trying them. Perfect Bars are gluten free and soy free. They do contain 20 plus organic super foods. The bars are gmo free. They best part is that they are organic! And they come in a variety of flavors.

Perfect Bar Flavors

Peanut Butter bar

Carob Chip bar

Almond Butter bar

Almond Acai (Lite) bar

Almond Butter Mini bar

Fruit & Nut bar

Cranberry Crunch (Lite) bar

Almond Coconut bar (Vegan)

Peanut Butter Mini bar

Of course as many of you know I’m transitioning into the vegan gluten free world, which means my personal favorite is the Almond Coconut bar since it is vegan. I’m hoping they come out with more vegan variety. I have heard they are coming out with new flavors I’m just not sure of all the details just yet.

All in all these bars are taste great and are full of pure goodness! I highly recommend you try them out. If you go on there website you can locate where they are sold in your hometown. You can also order them online.

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