Starting Your Own Garden on a Budget

Starting Your Own Garden on a Budget

Start your own garden on a budget can be overwhelming sometimes. But with a little bit of research you can make your own garden on a budget! Be sure to watch my youtube video I made sharing tips and tricks to a budget friendly garden. This blog is a full breakdown of what the video is about.

To start out I’ve done research and shopped around for the best deals and here’s what I ended up purchasing…

  • 420 pack of Chinet White Plastic Cups for $10.79 from Costco
  • 4 Tier Greenhouse for $29.99 from Big Lots
  • 6 Paper Trays (To Hold the Cups) for $3.00 from a Yard Sale
  • 4 Bags of Eco Scraps Organic Soil for $27.92 from Lowes
  • 1 Bag of Eco Scraps Vegetable Food for $6.98 from Lowes
  • Seeds of Changes (I actually had some left over from last year that I’m using)
  • Recycling Bins Free

But don’t worry I’ve also created an amazon link of everything I’ve used. If you click the link at the bottom of this blog it goes straight to my garden favorites. Also it helps me continue to have blogs and vlogs if you click the link.

Making Gardening on a Budget Fun!

As I have said before you can shop around before starting your garden. I’m just providing you a breakdown of what I personally found and used. Let me share a quick break down of what I’ve used an why…

Pots- I use plastic cups. Which I don’t normally use plastic but it is the most budget friendly way to start your seeds. I can reuse them until they are broken. Also I write the name on the cup using a sharpie, I don’t have to buy signs. Once they can not be used anymore I can recycle them!

Green House- I know some of you are thinking wow that’s a cheap green house! It is a cheap green house but it works! It does have four shelves which is plenty room. Super easy to put together. I will be posting a video soon!

Trays- I personally bought paper trays for my cups. The reason I bought them was because of the price. They were cheap and easy to use. I have also bought cookie pans before from yard sales or a cheaper store. You just need them to hold cups, nothing fancy!

Soil & Food- I have personally been using Eco Scraps brand from Lowes. Its not badly priced and it works! I’ve used them for about two years now and have not had any issues.

Seeds- I have been using Seeds of Change for several years now. I love them! The seeds are 100% Organic. They are free of GMOS. They work great and the food tastes amazing!

Recycling Bins- I have used recycling bins for a few year now. Luckily the area I live in upgraded to full size recycle trash cans. So I kept mine and use them. They work great! I do know some store use to sale them but I haven’t seen them in a while.

Happy Gardening!

In conclusion there’s so many options out there to start a garden. You just have to find what fits your budget. Don’t be afraid to shop around. It will be worth it in the end. Starting a garden is so much fun and rewarding! If you have any question feel free to ask. Be sure to check out my amazon link and my youtube video! Thanks for your support!

Happy Gardening!!


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